How can I find a Yokohama dealer near me?

You can find a dealer in your area and pricing information by visiting our online Dealer Locator or call 888.965.6835


Does Yokohama accept sponsorship requests, and if so, to whom do I send it?

We do accept some sponsorship requests, for consideration, please forward your inquiry to


I want to become an authorized Yokohama tire dealer. How can I do this?

In order to receive information on becoming an authorized Yokohama tire dealer, please call our Customer Service department at 1-888-965-6835


How do I find my tire size?

Your tire size should be located on the sidewall of you tires or listed on the inside of the door panel


What is the right pressure for my tires?

The correct air pressure for your vehicle should be listed on the inside of your door panel or in your owner`s manual


How often should I check my air pressure?

We recommend cold air pressure once a month


What does speed rating mean?

A tire bearing a letter “speed rating” indicates the tire’s speed capability according to standardized lab tests. The speed rating system is intended to permit comparison of the speed capabilities of different tires. When replacing your tires, consult your vehicle owner’s manual and tire information placard for recommendations, if any, concerning the use of speed rated tires.


How often should I rotate my tires?

It depends on many factors: for front wheel drive vehicles, performed a minimum of every 8,000 kms. For rear wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles, performed a minimum of every 12,000 kms. If your driving style, vehicle usage or treadwear rate results in uneven tread wear or uneven tread life, have the services done more often.


What is your warranty policy?

You can download a full warranty booklet from our “Warranty” section located here. Warranty information can also be found at any local authorized Yokohama dealer.


How do I make a warranty claim?

We would prefer you visit the retailer in which you have purchased the tires from. An authorized Yokohama dealer can help you process your claim. Click on Dealer Locator for the location nearest you. For more information regarding claim processing, please call our Customer Service Department 1-888-965-6835.


Are punctures, cuts, bubbles/bulges on the sidewall covered by warranty?



How do I register my tires for warranty?

You can register your tires online at You will need to include your contact information, dealer information, and the DOT code located on the tire.


My vehicle came with Yokohama tires as original equipment. Are they covered by manufacturer's warranty?

OEM tires are covered by our limited warranty for original equipment tires, if you have any issues please contact our customer service department 1-888-965-6835