Yokohama Finds Creative Way to Show Tire Superiority

The manufacturer celebrates its centenary in 2017

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You could spend a lot of time trying to figure out what a surfboard, a rodeo saddle and a pair of racing shoes have in common, but we’ll spare you the trouble and fill you in right now: these three objects represent Yokohama Canada’s opportunity to showcase the superior quality of its tires.

How so? The company is underlining the 100th anniversary of its founding by calling on three so-called “Tire Tailors” to come up with innovative concepts using Yokohama treads.

According to Diana Colosimo, director of development for Yokohama Canada, these Tire Tailors were tasked with creating products born of their respective design expertise and talents using Yokohama tire treads.

Tom Millar of Ausmosis Surfboards thus made use of the Yokohama W Drive tire, conceived expressly to maintain road grip in cold and humid conditions, to create a customized board that allows surfers to maintain a firmer hold when riding it.

Brian Sinnott of Finchams Harness worked assiduously to design a magnificent rodeo saddle out of Yokohama’s Geolander A/T GO15 tire. It provides better adherence and is ultra-durable, allowing the rider to stay on his mount for a longer time.


As for Peter Feeney, used to creating unique footwear that requires 40 hours of labour, the shoe designer cut a portion of a Yokohama ADVAN tread to make slick-surface boots for race-car drivers, with the goal of making heel-toe shifting easier.

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