Yokohama: social initiative to donate tires to motoring heroes on their way to the front line

Yokohama Tires supports front-line workers who put their lives on the line to keep Canadians safe.

In response to COVID-19, Yokohama decided to replace the advertising of its new tires this spring with a social initiative to donate tires to heroic motorists who go to the front lines.  Yokohama Tires Canada has launched Helping without Compromise, a social initiative to recognize and celebrate front-line workers who put their lives on the line to keep Canadians safe.  Millions of Canadians are housebound, but many still drive every day to hospitals and pharmacies, delivering food and medicine, providing equipment and services to run vital businesses across the country.

A gesture of great kindness

Over the next 10 weeks, Yokohama will ask its social community to nominate frontline workers who help out handsomely, and the brand will give one individual a set of new tires every week.  An individual can be nominated exclusively on social networks on the brand’s Facebook page by sharing the story of that individual driving his or her vehicle on the front lines. Each week, the brand will recognize a frontline hero not only with a set of new tires, but will also highlight their individual commitment through digital content.  The campaign, sponsored by Yokohama-based creative agency We Are Social of Toronto, will be supported by the launch of a one-minute film and streamlined content on the brand’s social networks to build awareness and encourage nominations. A selection of influential driving ambassadors, hand-picked to be part of the campaign and managed through a “dark social channel”, will engage their audiences and help stimulate participation.

These extraordinary times reveal extraordinary individuals, and Yokohama Canada believes in celebrating these heroes who make our communities safe. Social networks are an opportunity for us to listen to our community and find a way for our brand and retail network to take action and really make a difference. — Diana Colosimo, Director of Brand Development, Yokohama

The campaign has no paid media, no tire messages and no attempt to make sales.

“Since COVID-19 has changed the needs of our community, marketers need to think creatively about their brand truths to meet new needs,” says Coby Shuman, executive director of We Are Social in Toronto. “Giving tires to brave people who still drive is our way of adding value at a time when people may need help. The social part is the perfect vehicle for us to listen and deliver that value,” he concluded.