BluEarth – our ongoing quest to provide drivers with the most advanced tire technologies, while being mindful of the world we live in.

BluEarth is Yokohama’s commitment to taking an environmental and socially conscious approach to our daily activities, while developing eco-friendly products that offer drivers premium safety, value and performance.

Products branded as BluEarth are developed with a socially conscious approach and meet Yokohama’s standards for a reduced environmental impact. BluEarth branded products are also gentler on our world and run quieter, and perform better in the wet than previous generation products.

BluEarth Characteristics:







The Blue Earth at heart

The earth is blue, and we want to keep our earth as blue as possible into the future. This can be achieved by our environmental actions, one stage at a time.

YOKOHAMA is pleased to introduce BluEarth as its latest global concept tire, designed to deliver environmental, human and socially friendly solutions for you and your car.

What is BluEarth?

The product engineering philosophy for Environmental, Human and Socially Friendly tires.

Tires should deliver driving pleasure as well as less environmental impact. YOKOHAMA has launched the BluEarth brand in order to pursue environmental, human and socially friendly performances from its tires.

BluEarth Technology drive our future.

We have set up our BluEarth technologies to be environmental, Human and Socially friendly.

We will continue to develop more BluEarth technologies to include in our future tires.

BluEarth Strategy on YOKOHAMA Products

The BluEarth concept expands to all our products BluEarth will expand to all exisiting YOKOHAMA tire brand names as well as become an icon for future tire brands which have the BluEarth concept, from replacement after market tires to original equipment tires for new vehicles.

Our BluEarth branded products include:

AVID Ascend


iceGUARD iG52c

BluEarth Winter V905