Tech Service Bulletins

Technical Service Bulletins are issued on a periodic basis in order to keep our customers current on new information, proper treatment, care and the development of Yokohama products.

Avoid Vehicle Vibration Complaints 4/8/2016

This Interactive Service Bulletin includes short video segments to help avoid vehicle vibration complaints.

Vehicle Fuel Economy And Tire Energy Efficiency 5/11/2015

Useful information about Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy and Tire Performance.

P-Metric/European Metric Replacement Guidelines 10/22/2013

Passenger tires in the United States are available in two size designations: ‘P-Metric’ and ‘European Metric’. The difference is easily identifiable in that P-Metric sizes begin with the letter ‘P’ whereas European Metric sizes have no alpha designation. This bulletin gives guidance on replacing P-Metric OE fitments with European Metric tires of the same nominal size (section width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter).

Yokohama ZPS Runflat Tire Service Guidelines 02/10/2012

Yokohama ZPS (Zero Pressure System) runflat tires include special technology to allow the tire to operate at reduced speeds and distances with zero inflation pressure.

Tire Inspection and Replacement Guideline 10/21/2011

To help customers understand appropriate care for their tires and important considerations for tire replacement, Yokohama has prepared these guidelines.

Yokohama Warranty Policy Mileage Warranty - Tire Rotation 1/31/2011

Yokohama Tire Warranty Policy as it pertains to tire rotation and mileage warranty.

Tire Registration 2/11/03

The purpose of tire registration is to enable the tire manufacturer to contact you directly in the event of a recall. While a recall is unlikely, it's important to make sure your tires are properly registered.

Tire Storage Recommendations 11/21/02

The storage of tires requires particular care. If tires are not stored properly, not only will there be deterioration in their appearance, there may be a loss in performance and compound integrity.