Superior Handling

Matrix rayon body ply enhances steering precision.

Wet Traction

Sport Compound 5S and increased groove area on the inner portion of the asymmetric tread maximize wet performance.

Quieter Ride

Quiet Sipe Design enhances grip while reducing pattern noise.

Resistance To Wear

Unique Sport Profile Ribs increase stability for more even wear and our Sport Compound 5S contributes to longer tread life.


Performance Tire for Performance Vehicles

The definitive answer for those seeking ultimate performance.

For those who demand the best from their sports cars and performance sedans, the ADVAN Sport V105 delivers. With maximum grip in both wet and dry conditions, a quiet ride and long tread life, this is a global prestige sport tire you can trust to do it all.

Performance Cars

Performance Cars



Yokohama ADVAN SPORT V105 360 view Yokohama ADVAN SPORT V105 360 view

ADVAN SPORT V105 Size and Specs

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Anonymous -

schhov -

George H. -

will.campbell -

s_brand -

mallen -

rossatkinson -

wbl -

great performance tire for the price compared to others in the same category.

Bill -

Incredibly crisp precise handling. Very noticeable improvement in driving

Alan -

I put 255's all around on my 2019 Mustang. The V105 have traffic grip dry or wet. The are quiet and are not showing any signs of abnormal wear.

Greg -

I grabbed a set of V105's for my 2015 Mustang GT and they have definitely surpassed my expectations for a sport/ summer tire. I'm not kind to my rear wheels by any means and these have held up to some serious abuse. I would recommend a set to anyone with spirited or performance driving in mind.

Andrew -