Quieter Ride

An adaptive outside shoulder provides stability to the shoulder blocks assuring even wear and a smoother, quieter ride throughout the life of the tire.

All-Season Traction

Performance matters most on snowy roads so hundreds of 3D sipes and a notched block tread design produce more grip for true all-season traction.

Long Tread Life

An all-new TriBLEND compound and an ultra-square contact patch produce long, even wear that retains its all-season traction.


All-new TriBlend compound and an asymmetric groove arrangement that deliver extra grip on wet and snowy roads.


Introducing the next generation of touring tires, the All-New AVID Ascend GT.  Its asymmetric tread design and all-new TriBLEND compound technology deliver extraordinary handling and ride characteristics, including powerful braking on wet and snowy roads and a remarkably quiet ride.

And with a 110,000 KM treadwear warranty and 30-day guarantee with satisfaction guaranteed, the AVID Ascend GT makes your tire buying decision easy and one you'll enjoy all year round.

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Passenger Cars

Mini Vans



5 years / 110,000 KM


AVID ASCEND GT size and specs

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I could feel the difference

I could feel the difference in driving my car as soon as I got my new tires put on. The road noise is noticeably less, the car corners better and feels more solid on the road in the rain.

Alessandra -

J’aime la douceur de roulement

J’aime la douceur de roulement

Sylvain D -

The tires are perfect!!

Very happy with my purchase, the tires are perfect!! Submitting my rebate online was easy and then to get the call that I won the set of tires for free knocked my socks off! Big thank you to Yokohama :)

Chase D -

Very satisfied with the look and feel of the new tires.

Very satisfied with the look and feel of the new tires.


Merci beaucoup Yokohama

Simon -

I would highly recommend these tires to anyone looking for a Grand Touring Tire for a van.

I needed a new set of 3 season tires for our family van. After much online review, the Yokohama Avid Ascend GT tires consistently came up as an excellent 3 season tire that performs particularly well on wet roads. I had Michelin Primacy tires previously, but I only got about 75,000 km out of them despite being rated for 100,000 km. I just put the first 2,500 km on the new Yoko’s on a driving vacation through the Rockies and they definitely performed as advertised. We had one wet day and the tires hugged the steep mountain roads very well and felt their traction on tight corners. They also performed extremely well on dry roads. These Yoko’s are also as quiet a ride as the Michelin Primacy, something I was worried about. I would highly recommend these tires to anyone looking for a Grand Touring Tire for a van.

Alan K -