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For articulated dump trucks, loaders and dozers


 E-3 / L-3

For articulated dump trucks, loaders and dozers

Unique Tread Design: Increases the contact area with a wider tread width, providing better wear life and lateral stability in loading and unloading operations. Zigzag shaped grooves at the shoulder provide better traction on muddy and soft ground.
Buttress Side Protection: Protects against outside damage resulting in fewer sidewall cuts and snags.
Special Belt Construction: A tough multi-layer, cross-ply steel belt package designed to minimize stress in the belt edge area.  This improves durability, riding comfort and driving stability.
Flat Base Hexagonal Bead Construction: Locks the bead in place for greater strength and increased bead base durability. The wide contact area on the bead base increases performance and combats rim slippage.
High Turn-Up Carcass Construction: Protects against exterior damage while providing greater lateral stiffness and improved road stability.

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