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For articulated dump trucks.


E-3/L-3 & E3

For articulated dump trucks. Designed for high traction on soft & muddy surfaces. CP tread compound & non-directional tread design provide traction, self-cleaning & flotation, plus better heat resistance for higher speeds.

Extra Large Void To-Lug Ratio: In combination with our non-directional tread, enables greater traction—particularly in soft and muddy terrain.
Advanced Tread Compound: Provides outstanding wear, low heat generation and cut resistance; while zigzag shaped grooves provide better traction on muddy and soft ground.
Buttress Side Protection: Protects against outside damage resulting in fewer sidewall snags and cuts.
Flexible OTR Belt Wire: Creates the industry’s toughest multi-layer, cross-ply, steel belt package to improve durability, puncture-resistance and stability.
Flat Base Hexagonal Bead Construction: Locks the bead in place for greater strength and increased bead base durability. Its high shore hardness rubber bead filler provides strong twist stiffness for even longer life.
High Turn-Up Carcass Construction: Protects against exterior damage with greater lateral stiffness and improved road stability.

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