Designed for scrapers




  • Directional Tread Pattern: Ultimate traction in loose or muddy terrain featuring wide grooves to efficiently expel mud and dirt.
  • Advanced Tread Compound: Available in two advanced compounds: our low-heat generating REG compound for longer haul applications and our CP-S compound for superior cut and chip resistance in aggressive material operations.
  • Side Buttress Protection: Extra thick sidewall reduces damage due to snags and cuts.
  • Flexible OTR Belt Wire: The heavy-duty belt package is protected by compound strands of wire providing outstanding puncture resistance and long service life.
  • Flat Base Hexagonal Bead: Our unique bead construction makes mounting and dismounting easier and locks in place to increase traction performance.
  • High Turn-Up Construction: High turn-up design protects the casing from exterior damage while improving lateral stability.
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RT32 Size and Specs

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