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28/32” original tread depth delivers road-grabbing power and long wear.

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Specialized advanced tread compound technology (MC2) reduces heat, provides longer wear, and reduces rolling resistance–which lowers fuel costs.

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The TY517™ MC2 features Yokohama Emergency Services (YES) for fast, efficient service 24/7.

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STEM-2 Technology (StrainEnergy Minimization) extends the life of the casing and reduces strain on the critical bead and shoulder areas.

TY517 MC2

The Yokohama delivers maximum power, long even wear and superior durability while reducing fuel costs. STEM-2 technology enables this tough performer to stand up to destructive forces—resulting in multiple retreads and lower maintenance costs.
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Stem 2

Stem 2

TY517 MC2 Size and Specs

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