Ultra deep 32/32” groove depth and Yokohama special cap compound delivers extremely long original wear.


Temperature controlling cap compound is specifically designed to provide greater stability and reduce tread squirm and abrasion.


The features Yokohama Emergency Services (YES) for fast, efficient service 24/7.


STEM-2 Technology (StrainEnergy Minimization) extends the life of the casing and reduces strain on the critical bead and shoulder areas.


The Yokohama TY527 meets today’s fleet challenges for exceptional drive tire performance and longevity. Every feature is designed to maximize original tread life, durability, retreadability, and to reduce rolling resistance. Together these features with the new 16-ply construction make the TY527 the premium drive tire choice for fleets looking for maximum payoff during the entire life of the tire.

Stem 2

Stem 2

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