Built to handle whatever winter brings.
‘Tis the season for cold. Luckily, I deliver strong winter tire grip for performance cars and SUVs.
Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

Wet Traction

Wide slanting grooves and a directional tread pattern provide excellent drainage to combat hydroplaning.

Winter Traction

Triple 3D sipes create more biting edges for better performance on slick surfaces.

BluEarth Winter V905

INNOVATIVE WINTER PERFORMANCE Introducing the BluEarth Winter V905, where advanced technologies combine to deliver confident handling for performance cars and SUVs throughout the winter – rain or shine, snow or slush. With an increased edge effect and all-new compound, the BluEarth Winter V905 will keep your car ready to grip the winter roads.

Performance Cars

Passenger Cars


3 Peak


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