Ultimate Grip

Micro diagonal grooves deliver optimum ice performance even without a break-in period.

Wet Traction

The high-density compound allows for a more stable tread block, providing optimized road contact and longer even wear.

Winter Traction

The surfaces of 3-D sipes avoid uneven deflection of blocks by supporting each other. It delivers excellent ice and snow
performance with its maximized actual contact area.


Winter Tire For SUVs & Trucks


The new iceGUARD G075 crossover and SUV winter tire is the latest addition to Yokohama’s iceGUARD family line. This winter tire is designed to deliver exceptional performance on all rough and tough Canadian winter roads. The combination of ice and snow traction, low rolling resistance, and resistance to wear, which makes for a quieter ride. The G075 is equipped with all new directional tread design, high density compound, 3-D triple sipes and with all new low-heat generating under tread, drivers will be ready for any condition winter brings.









ICEGUARD G075 Size and Specs

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Great traction on ice and snow, very quiet

Jenny -

I never felt the need to drive on winter tires before. Now that I have the ICEGUARD G075 - I see the difference. No hydroplaning, no skidding when making tight corners! I love my ICEGUARD G075 :)

Nadine -

Nice and smooth and quiet for a winter and great treadlife, but have not driven in a lot of snow and ice yet.

Greg -

Excellent traction! My Ice Guard GO75 performed very Well. I am Satisfied

Chantal -

Have had Yokohama tires on previous cars; feel very secure and safe driving with these tires.

Roland -

With my 4wd vehicle, I can do anything with these tires!

Michel -

New to the Brand. New 2022 RAV4 XLE AWD arrived on January 31st, 2022. Ordered a winter package back in October from the dealer as the vehicle was to be a 2021 model. Three major snowfalls in our area, from 30 cm/12" to 40 cm/16 inches in three weeks. Very impressed by the GO75 winter tire in deep snow, traction and control when accelerating. Smooth and quiet on dry pavement.

Kelvin -

A confidence inspiring tire for the worst winter conditions. Awesome traction in varied types of snow and ice. Offers an excellent braking and stopping performance for our heavy 7 seater SUV. Like new after a full winter of use. Tread life appears very durable so far. Would definitely recommend.

Alex -