Ultimate Grip

Micro diagonal grooves deliver optimum ice performance even without a break-in period.

Wet Traction

The Absorptive Tread Compound prevent micro-hydroplanning by removing the water layer from the tire surface area and keep the car connected with the road.

Winter Traction

The surfaces of 3-D sipes avoid uneven deflection of blocks by supporting each other. It delivers excellent ice and snow performance with its maximized actual contact area.

iceGuard IG53

The iceGUARD iG53 is tailored especially for tough winter road conditions. With the combined performance on both ice and snow, low rolling resistance, resistance to wear, this tire is also designed for a quieter ride. The new directional design with absorptive compound and all new low-heat generating under tread, and 3-D triple sipes, prove you can sell this winter tire with confidence.



Passenger Cars

Mini Vans



iceGuard IG53 Benefits

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I purchased the Avid Ascend GT last spring and I found them amazing quiet, smooth, great traction so I didn’t hesitate to buy the ice Guard ig53 for my winter tires


Great tires, lasts many years and perform very well.


We live on a hill in Mission and every year when it snows its a nightmare to get up the hill, for others not for us we pass the competition every time

Jason -

silencieux et performant bonne tenue de route conduite agréable

jean-claude -

So far so good,smooth handling good traction.

Sohan -