Take the lead with the
A versatile, all-season performer.
I am all about complete performance.
I deliver great ride quality and exceptional handling, fuel efficiency, and long, even wear.

Quieter Ride

Tread blocks are created in six size and shape variations to suppress pattern noise.

All-Season Traction

Angled cuts in the groove walls and adaptive 3D sipes help resist hydroplaning and maintain wet/winter grip for the life of the tire.

Long Tread Life

Up to 110,000 km limited treadwear warranty.
(See warranty for more details.)

Fuel Efficiency

Silica compound delivers ultra-low rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency.


Advanced high performance grand touring radial utilizes a safer compound that incorporates zero waste rubber. 

Performance Cars

Passenger Cars



Yokohama AVID ENVigor 360 view Yokohama AVID ENVigor 360 view

5 years/110,000 km

AVID ENVigor Benefits

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