All-Season Traction

Triple 3D sipes change shape as the tread wears to maintain biting edges for confident all-season traction.

Long Tread Life

Up to 100,000 KM limited treadwear warranty.

Off-Road Durability

EdgeTec Grooves create more void area to help expel dirt and mud.

Winter Traction

Enduro Compound helps rubber remain pliable over a broad range of temperatures for enhanced braking and handling in wet and snow.


All-Terrain Tire for SUV & Trucks


This all-terrain tire is designed with traction and grip in mind. Its outstanding off-road and on-road handling, combined with its longer mileage capability makes this tire a true performer.

The 3-peaked mountain snowflake symbol ensures that the new A/T G015 is capable of handling extreme and diverse weather conditions.











GEOLANDAR A/T G015 Size and Specs

Select your tire size

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francineb27 -

Alain -

Eric -

gauthierj9 -

milie107 -

holly hay -

tsnd1 -

usually buy Yokohama brand

s.couvier -

Very quiet would recommend

Very quiet would recommend


Have yet to try them in snow, but they are a great truck tire


Tires performance great, traction is A1, works great off-road.


Good road handling, very good in standing water


Great tire for all seasons including winter and off road.


I have run these tires now for 6 years, I have been off road, towing RV trailers/ boats and the tires have been absolutely excellent. Traction and wear have been second to none!

Eric -

Compare to OE tires, they are a lot smoother, ride better, long-lasting, and quiet. I had also tried other brands of tires and not many of them impressed me as much as Yokohama tires. Yokohama brand may not be the cheapest in the market, but it worth every penny (if not exceeding). Not only the quality is better, but also out last many budget brand tires. Therefore, the overall cost might be cheaper

Jeremy -

Great all round tire, nice ride, quiet and excellent in the snow!

Kevin -

The best so far i ever purchased can't wait for winter

Mario -

My fuel economy went up!

My fuel economy went up. Noise compared to my previous tires went down. Handling is very good. So far, wear seems acceptable. Overall, I am impressed with the product.

Al -

I love these tires.

I love these tires. Had them for approx 1 year on my 2013 Toyota Tacoma. I was amazed at how smooth the ride was and how quiet the tires were when I first drived with them on.. pretty good in the snow also . I live in a snow belt on a winding and hilly road. So I just put the truck in 4WD mode and gave no problems. I would highly recommend these tires to anyone. I was thinking of buying a set for my wife's small SUV now as well, .

Jack -

Low road noise, better ride quality and small mileage improvement.

Hugues -

Wanted a tire that could work for me year round. Found these and tried them and they have been great. Towing, winter conditions, and got 90,000 Kms out of them over 6 years. Perfect all around truck tire.

Travis -

So far one of the best tires i've purchased. Great traction and very quiet.

Fern -

They look great, not too overly aggressive looking. Have no issues so far and has been good in snow

Kevin -

These tires have very little wear, even after many trips pulling a tandem trailer, and on some rough gravel roads.

Monty -

The tires are much more capable than my stock tires on my Subaru Outback, and I have done a lot of rough travel down mountain forest service roads. Excellent so far!

Bryce -

I love these tires. They are very quiet and provide an exceptionally smooth ride. I have also used them for light off-road conditions, heavy rain and wet snow. The performance has been outstanding. I cannot say enough about this tire - highly recommended.

Michael -

I drive a Toyota Tacoma, the factory Bridgestone tires made the truck feel soft in the corners and always had issue when the roads were wet. These Geolander tires are excellent in the wet and highway. Very quiet

Jeff -

Good tires, quiet, good in the rain.

Lucian -

Wear is good. Excellent ride for a heavy tire. Snow/ice performance isn't as good as a full winter tire but still is surprisingly strong. Happily surprised by the overall quality and performance of these tires.

Curtis -

Great handling in dry, wet and snow conditions. Super quiet even on hwy

Jim -

Great on rainy highway, smooth ride, quiet

Holly -

Tried them in water, mud and snow. Superior grip, less hydroplaning and less slippage during wet conditions.

Joerg -

Excellent all-terrain tire that you won’t hear on the road. Rugged enough to tackle varied terrain offroad yet very comfortable and pleasant for on road driving. Have used various AT models in the past and the Geolandar G015 is tough to beat with how good it is at everything. Have also used through a couple of big snow storms without issues. Lots of tread to catch snow including wet and slippery conditions. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a solid offroad tire that is very performant on the road.

Alex -