Yokohama Canada Winter Tire Guide: Best Winter Tires for 2023

Canadian winters are renowned for their beauty, but they also bring challenging driving conditions. As the snow blankets the roads and temperatures drop, the importance of having reliable winter tires becomes paramount. Yokohama, a global leader in tire technology, offers a range of winter tires designed to give drivers the ultimate control on icy and snowy roads. 

In this comprehensive winter tire guide, we'll uncover everything you need to know about winter tires this 2023/2024 season, from when to change them to which are the best for tough Canadian winters. 

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Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires vs All-Weather Tires: What's the Difference?

Winter tires are specifically designed to perform in cold temperatures, offering superior traction on ice and snow. All-season tires, on the other hand, are versatile but may not provide the same grip in extreme cold. All-weather tires are a middle ground, designed for year-round use but with enhanced winter performance. 

A lot of people opt for all-season or all-weather tires instead of winter tires. So, understanding the distinction between these tire types is crucial for making an informed decision. 

Learn more about their differences here.

So, are all-season tires good for winter?

While all-season tires offer versatility, they lack the specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds found in winter tires. This can result in reduced grip and longer stopping distances on icy roads.

What to look for in a good winter tire?

Navigating the icy and snowy roads of Canadian winters requires more than just an ordinary tire. It demands a tire specifically designed to handle the unique challenges that winter presents. But with so many options available in the market, how do you determine which are the best winter tires? Here's what to keep a lookout for:

Superior Traction

At the heart of any good winter tire is its ability to grip icy and snowy roads effectively. Superior traction is paramount to ensure safety and control while driving in winter conditions. Tires with excellent traction reduce the risk of skidding, providing drivers with the confidence to navigate winter roads safely. When searching for the best winter tires in Canada, always prioritize those known for their exceptional grip.

Flexible Rubber Compounds

The plummeting temperatures of Canadian winters can harden the rubber of many standard tires, reducing their effectiveness. However, quality winter tires are crafted using flexible rubber compounds that remain pliable even in extreme cold. This flexibility ensures that the tire maintains optimal contact with the road, enhancing its grip and performance.

Deep Grooves

Winter roads are often wet and slushy, increasing the risk of hydroplaning. Deep grooves in winter tires are designed to channel away water and slush efficiently, reducing this risk. These grooves work in tandem with the tire's tread pattern to ensure water is expelled quickly, maintaining the tire's grip on wet roads. When shopping for winter tires, always check the depth and design of these grooves.


Sipes might be tiny, but their impact on a tire's winter performance is big. These small slits in the tread play a crucial role in providing additional biting edges, enhancing the tire's grip on icy surfaces. They increase the number of edges that come into contact with the road, offering improved traction, especially during turns and stops.

Which tires are best for winter?

Yokohama's 7 Best Winter Tires in Canada

1. BluEarth Winter V906 

This tire is the epitome of modern tire technology. Not only does it offer exceptional grip on winter roads, but its eco-friendly design ensures a reduced carbon footprint without compromising on performance. The fusion of performance and sustainability makes it a top choice for those wanting the best winter tires in Canada. Its advanced tread design and adaptive 3D sipes ensure maximum safety, even in the harshest winter conditions, providing drivers with peace of mind.

Close-up view of Yokohama’s BluEarth Winter V906 tire showing its advanced polymer compound and adaptive 3D sipes.



2. BluEarth Winter V905 

Tailored for high-performance vehicles, this tire is a game-changer. It's specifically made to provide a balanced performance on wet, icy, and snowy roads. The V905 ensures that high performance doesn't come at the cost of safety. Its advanced silica end-locked rubber compound adapts to winter's fluctuating temperatures, ensuring a smooth and controlled winter drive and making it a top contender in any winter tire guide.

Close-up view of Yokohama’s BluEarth Winter V905 tire showing its advanced silica end-locked compound and triple 3D sipes.



3. iceGUARD IG53 

Winter roads are unpredictable, but with the iceGUARD IG53, drivers are always prepared. Its advanced micro diagonal grooves give better stability, ensuring superior traction and control, even on the iciest roads. Its design prioritizes safety, making it one of the best winter tires in Canada for those who prioritize safety and control.

Close-up view of Yokohama’s iceGUARD IG53 winter tire showing its directional tread design.



4. iceGUARD G075 

SUVs require a tire that can handle their weight and power, especially during winter. The iceGUARD G075 rises to the challenge. Its unique tread pattern is engineered to disperse water and slush efficiently, ensuring unparalleled stability on slippery roads. Whether navigating city streets or country roads, this tire ensures SUVs remain grounded and in control.

Close-up view of Yokohama’s iceGUARD G075 winter tire showing its 3D triple sipes.



5. iceGUARD IG51V 

Larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks have specific needs, especially during winter. The iceGUARD IG51V is designed keeping these needs in mind. It offers a high-density reinforced compound for a more stable tread block, which gives more even wear. Its straight dual-action shoulder grooves quickly remove water while interlocking and adaptive 3D sipes work together to boost traction and control on icy roads.

Close-up view of Yokohama’s iceGUARD IG51V winter tire showing its zigzag circumferential grooves, dual-action shoulder groove, interlocking and adaptive 3D sipes and slush grooves.




Who said off-road adventures should hit pause in winter? The GEOLANDAR A/T G015 is an all-terrain tire that's winter-ready. It offers reliable winter performance and long tread life, ensuring that snow and ice aren't obstacles but part of the adventure. Its triple 3D sipes and Enduro Compound ensure it can handle a range of temperatures on both snowy streets and off-road terrains with ease, making it a favourite among adventure enthusiasts.

Close-up view of Yokohama’s GEOLANDAR A/T G015 winter tire showing its severe snow service designation, Enduro compound, triple 3D sipes, circumferential grooves and Edgetec grooves.




Winter roads are a challenge, but the GEOLANDAR A/T XD is up for it. With its robust construction, it's built to tackle tough terrains, without or without snow cover. Its severe snow rating and pinned for #15 studs add-on ensure that winter adventures are always a breeze. Its versatility and performance make it a top recommendation in any winter tire guide.

Close-up view of Yokohama’s GEOLANDAR A/T XD winter tire showing its aggressive tread design and pinned for #15 studs add-on.


When to change winter tires

Switch to winter tires once temperatures consistently drop below 7°C. Cold temperatures can harden the rubber of non-winter tires, reducing their ability to grip during wet and icy conditions.

How long do winter tires last?

With proper care and depending on driving conditions, winter tires can last up to four seasons. Of course, you should regularly inspect them for wear and store them properly during off-seasons.

Can winter tires be used all year?

While possible, it's not recommended. Warm temperatures can wear them out faster, and their soft rubber compounds may not offer the best performance on hot roads.

How much do winter tires cost?

The cost varies based on the tire model and vehicle type. However, investing in quality winter tires can save costs in the long run by preventing potential accidents. Luckily, Yokohama is offering up to a $100 rebate on select winter tires.

Drive safe this winter season with Yokohama Canada's best winter tires.

Safety and control are paramount when driving in Canadian winters. With Yokohama's range of winter tires, you're not just buying rubber; you're investing in peace of mind. Explore our full winter tire collection here, and ensure your vehicle is winter-ready. See you on the road!

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