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Take control with the ultimate street sport tire , the ADVAN NEOVA AD09.



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True all-season tire engineered to deliver complete confidence.

CUV | SUV | Minivan

• Wet Traction
• All-Season Traction
• Long Treadlife
• Quiet Ride


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Ultimate All-Season Performance

Cars | Minivans

• All-Season Traction
• Wet Braking
• Long Treadlife
• Quieter Ride


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Environmental issues addressed by ADVAN

YOKOHAMA aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 38% compared to 2013 by 2030, and 100% by 2050.

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The Yokohama Limited Warranty applies to new Yokohama High Performance, Passenger, Winter and Light Truck tires, used in normal service, which become unserviceable as a result of a material or workmanship condition before the first 25% of original usable tread depth (50% in the case of temporary spare tires), Yokohama will replace, mount and balance a similar new Yokohama tire on a no-charge basis. See terms and conditions for the Yokohama limited warranty.

Environmental Impact

Yokohama has minimized the impact raw materials used in tire production have on the environment. Yokohama achieved this by stopping the use of CFCs and trichloroethane and then switching from heavy oil to natural gas. This reduces the emission of toxins like CO2 and saves energy.


Are you looking to experience Yokohama tires for the first time? Yokohama offers drivers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. This allows you to return the tires and get a refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied with their performance. See our terms and conditions for the 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

About Yokohama

For over 100 years, Yokohama has been a world leader in the development of outstanding tire designs and technology, giving drivers better control on the road. Since its establishment in 1917, we have devoted ourselves to advancing the leading edge of the industry. We were the first Japanese tire manufacturer to be granted ISO9001 certification in recognition of a quality-assurance model-company in design, development, manufacture installation, and related services.

Yokohama also takes its responsibilities to the environment very seriously. Among our many ongoing initiatives, we have eliminated the use of CFCs and trichloroethane in the manufacturing process, and have switched from heavy oil to natural gas to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.

Driven by the needs of people, Yokohama continues to respond with environmentally-compatible solutions engineered to outperform, whatever the performance need.

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